We were approached by a client who manufactured standard products for the oil industry based on the commonly used 440V 3Ø 60Hz supplies but had a potential customer who had a rig where the mains supply was 480V 3Ø.

The transformer unit would need to be designed to cope with sitting outdoors on an exposed oil platform and would need to have an overload protective device incorporated within the unit while still maintaining the high IP66 rating. In addition the transformer would need to have Ex rated connectors to match up with the connectors on the client equipment in spite of the fact that the transformer itself would be sited outside the hazardous zone.

After considerable correspondence back and forth between us, the client and their customer a specification for a custom built transformer meeting all the rig safety protocols was established with a custom fabricated enclosure and suitable interface connectors. A MCCB device was incorporated in a special chamber on the end of the enclosure so that the heat from the transformer would not unduly affect the operating characteristics of the protective device.

Both our client and the end customer were impressed with the level of service received and very happy with the quality of the finished product which is now installed and performing to the entire satisfaction of the end user.

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