Innovative Solutions by Majestic Transformer Co

Addressing High Inrush Current Complications

A client recently approached Majestic Transformer Co, facing significant issues with inrush start-up currents in conventional transformers. These issues were particularly pronounced in long cable runs, where high inrush currents (often 10 – 15 times the transformer’s full load current) led to excessive voltage drops in cables. This, in turn, was causing disruptions in other equipment connected to the same power supply.

Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach

In collaboration with the client, we explored various options to mitigate these issues. It became clear that typical inrush suppression methods were not feasible for this specific situation. Consequently, we determined that a specially designed transformer was necessary, one that would inherently exhibit low inrush current characteristics.

Custom-Designed Transformers: A Tailored Solution

Opting for this custom-designed transformer represented a slightly higher initial investment. However, this approach eliminated the need for additional components that could potentially fail in the future, avoiding further costs and complications. This decision to proceed with a bespoke design was made in light of these long-term benefits.

Successful Outcomes and Client Satisfaction

Having now manufactured and supplied several of these specially designed units across the UK, the feedback from our client has been overwhelmingly positive. They expressed great satisfaction with the way Majestic Transformer Co handled the project from start to finish, and with the superior quality of the final product. This project not only solved the immediate issue but also reinforced our commitment to providing tailored, effective solutions to complex electrical challenges.

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