Variable Transformers

We can provide a wide range of single phase and three phase units

Single and Three Phase Variable Transformers

50 years of variable transformer history started by Phillips came to an end following the closure of Filec by in late 2019. We have therefore sourced a new European suppler for our variable transformers. We can provide a wide range of single phase and three phase units from 0.7A to 45A rating in single transformers and multiple parallel paths with interphase chokes above this rating.

Variable transformers can be supplied either as manual control complete with control knob & dial, or they can be motor driven (230V ac motor as standard, other voltages available on request) and can also be supplied with a stabiliser control board for those applications where you need to set a fixed voltage that will be maintained regardless of changes in the supply voltage or system load.

We can supply units either as open frame units for incorporation into your own equipment or fitted into enclosures according to your needs. We are also able to supply additional metering, fuses and/or isolation transformers to either provide safety isolation from the supply or to change the voltage range of the output (e.g 12v DC for electroplating systems). Standard voltages for single phase units are 230V/0-230V or 230V/0-260V and three phase units are 400V-0-400V or 400V/0-440V, although other voltage combinations are available.

The transformers comply with CE regulations as long as they are ultimately mounted within an enclosure that isolates them from the operator, protecting the operator from possible contact with active parts both electrically and mechanically.