Rectifier Power Transformers

A wide range of transformer rectifier power supplies to suit an enormous range of applications

Rectifier Power Transformers

Over the years Majestic Transformer Company have been asked to design and manufacture a wide range of rectifier power transformers to suit an enormous range of applications, from deck winches and motors testing to injecting high current into devices for testing heat rise.

Some of these units have been as simple as fitting a bridge rectifier onto the output winding of a single phase or three phase transformer. Others have been significantly more complex involving variable transformers, switches, meters, smoothing circuits, line insulation monitors. They have ranged from a few volts at 7000A to inject a current into railway conduction rail systems for testing purposes, up to 5kV at a few amps for running and testing high voltage motors and many, many things in between.

Rectified outputs can either be raw rectified, which will give 47% ripple content when single phase voltage is rectified or just 4% ripple content when three phase voltage is rectified. In addition, if you have a critical application where you require a lower ripple content then we can achieve this utilising a filter network, either Inductor, capacitor or a combined L/C filter or by a special design of transformer with multiple outputs in Star/Delta of Interconnected Star configuration that can achieve

If you have a fixed or variable DC power requirement then drop an Email to our dedicated design/sales team and they will be pleased to offer a bespoke solution to meet your needs.