UK University Labs: Majestic Transformer Co’s Pioneering Project

Tailored Variable Voltage Transformers for Advanced Learning

Majestic Transformer Co recently played a pivotal role in the extensive refurbishment of a prominent UK University’s Electrical Engineering laboratories. We were tasked with supplying a series of bespoke Variable Transformer Power Supplies, a challenge that perfectly aligned with our expertise in electrical engineering solutions.

Innovative Design Meets Educational Needs

Our custom-designed units were adeptly engineered to connect with the UK’s standard 3 phase supply. They featured dual variable outputs: one limited to the Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) threshold of 50V for initial learning stages, and another providing access to the full supply voltage for more advanced experiments, post-completion of mandatory safety training. A key-activated switch was integrated to ensure that voltage range adjustments were restricted to authorised personnel. The units’ output voltage was precisely controlled via a motor-driven variable transformer with an intuitive push-button control, complemented by a multi-functional LED display for monitoring output voltage, current, and power factor.

From Initial Request to Comprehensive Solution

Initially, the university approached us for the supply of just the isolation transformers required for their project. However, upon realising our capacity to deliver a complete power supply solution within their budget and timeframe, they expanded the scope of our involvement. This decision not only fulfilled their specific needs but also offered them considerable savings in time and effort.

Decades of Expertise in Transformer Manufacturing

Boasting over 65 years of experience, Majestic Transformer Company stands as a beacon in the manufacturing of single phase transformers, three phase transformers, chokes, and transformer rectifier power supplies. Our proficiency spans a broad spectrum of sectors, including commercial, marine, medical, railway, and defence. We are renowned for our custom-built transformers, designed to meet diverse specifications and standards, underscoring our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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