Three Phase Open Frame Transformers

These transformers are supplied as open types with steel angle frames

Three Phase Open Frame Transformers

Are three phase open frame transformers are engineered for a variety of applications, including motor control, machine tool control, control panels, machine voltage conversion, and distribution boards. These versatile electrical transformers come as open types, equipped with steel angle frames for secure mounting on terminal blocks, rail terminals, or nickel-plated brass stud connections, catering to a broad range of industrial needs.

Transformers in this range are most commonly wound with Delta or Star (Wye) configuration. If you have a supply that does not have a neutral available but need a neutral for your equipment then we can generate a neutral with a suitably configured transformer.

Virtually any combination of voltage and current can be supplied on primary and secondary. A range of supply frequencies, 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz can be accommodated. In addition, multiple primary and secondary windings can be accommodated. Complex or high voltage windings may require a larger frame size to be used to accommodate the windings. Transformers in this range can also have fuses fitted on the top panel. Sizes given in the table are for 50/60Hz transformers with a standard Delta/Star winding configuration. The list is not a complete list of ratings available just an attempt to give you an indication of size.

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